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I am NOT going to write about the snow. No, really I’m not. Why? because I think that everyone is just about sick to death of it that’s why! Unfortunately we as a country are pretty rubbish when it comes to dealing with weather of any variety and yet again the country has ground to a standstill because we are, as always, unprepared. Fortunately for us here on the normally fairly sunny Isle, it only lasted two days but that was quite enough for the Christmas fair that the ACL and I had produced 200+ jars of delight for to be cancelled….they are now gathered awaiting their fate on the dining room table. We have managed to sell around 50 to friends but with another 200+ to go we could be eating chutney still next Christmas.

I have but one pic of the snow to show you all

It is the perfect house for a picture postcard look of Winter.

Anyway, what does a girl do when husbandless on these cold Winter evenings (no comments from the back please!)? Why she makes Christmas cards of course (honestly Dear Reader, I thought better of you than that!).

A veritable plethora

And I must say that I did enjoy my cuttin’ and stickin’ evenings in front of the fire, telly on, wine to hand.

Tonight the ACL and I will be watching the results (for those of you overseas that’s the X Factor & Strictly Come Dancing – not anything too taxing you understand – just in case you might have thought I was talking elections or something…) and trying to get the Skype to work so that TG can tune in from South Africa. I know, I know, it’s sad muppetry at its zenith – but hey, we don’t care!

Stay warm Dear Reader wherever you may be.


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