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And so the holiday known as Easter hove into view and it was most welcome indeed. Now I don’t know about you Dear Reader, but I suspect that most normal people regard the words ‘bank’ and ‘holiday’ as a time for kicking back and taking things easy. Not so in South Lodge Towers, oh no indeed! There were times during my 6 day ‘holiday’ when the words ‘blue arsed’ and ‘fly’ were far more appropriate.

SONY DSCThere was to begin with – the decorating of the kitchen. Thursday (precious days ‘real’ holiday) – move all clat out of kitchen, of which there is much, and clean. When you have as much clat as we I do then this takes some considerable time. When you (well I mean I) painted around the fridge and dresser last time as opposed to moving them because your husband was abroad working, then this leads to much mingingness behind said pieces of furniture. Thus, cleaning took quite some time too. We repaired to the pub at 6.

Friday – painting and the fraughtness of said pursuit. Lots of dark mutterings, getting in each others way, pointing out of bits missed and grumpiness thereof and quite a bit of general tutting….we repaired to the pub at 5.

SONY DSCSaturday – holiday let changeover day. Let’s not even go there. Suffice to say that I shall not be picking up after strangers for too many more years. Wine open at 4.30.

Sunday. One of us played golf. The other one of us washed and put all clat back into newly decorated kitchen. One of us fell asleep in front of the football. One of us cooked a lovely turkey dinner as it was Easter Sunday. I’ll leave it to you to guess which was which……


And so, by the time Monday came around I was wishing that Easter had never bloody existed. I therefore INSISTED that we leave the house before breakfast. Have someone else cook that and lunch and dinner and leave the decorating and endless cleaning behind. And so we did.


We took ourselves off to Freshwater Bay, had a breakfast of sorts (Dandelion Café – no we don’t do breakfast just sandwiches – how about toast – no just sandwiches….bread….toast…really not… I refused to be wound up and so a cheese and ham toastie was all mine) overlooking the bay in the beautiful sunshine. It was so lovely it felt like being on holiday (at last). We walked up to the Tennyson monument which was a goodly stretch and then visited the lovely Kev in his lovely garden for a cuppa. After a few thwarted efforts at obtaining lunch – you explain to me why places are closed on a scorching bank holiday in one of the UKs most popular holiday destinations, we finally ended up in Seaview for a restorative snifter and some grub.

SONY DSCAfter seeing the small folks who had been away we ventured back to the West Wight for dinner with the Folliers at the Wight Mouse. We left home at 9am and returned at 11.30pm and FINALLY I felt as though I had relaxed and had a holiday of sorts.

SONY DSCIt was a lovely day and a good way to get back to feeling almost human again. I had taken an extra day off on the other side too and as TG was off mainland overnight golfing, had the house to myself which was rather nice and very peaceful.

SONY DSCI’d love to be one of those people who can be at home and do nothing (I live with one of those) but sadly it just is not in my nature. I see all the things that need doing and I hate to sit in an untidy room in the evening or constantly look at unmown grass and endless weeds. I should take a chill pill I guess. The Child is home for the next bank holiday and we have a christening to attend but apart from that I might just put the chill pill theory into action. Or I might not….so much to do so little time…..


*Yes that dot in the above photo is the monument. It was like the sketch from Father Ted when Ted explains really close and far away to Dougal…


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Well now Dear Reader, Spring is in the air and all is well with the world. My absence here, not that I’m sure any of you noticed, has been due to having other fish to fry elsewhere which have been taking up lots of time.

I have long harboured a desire to make my bits of scribblings more than they are and I have been working hard to get myself out there to whoever is interested. This has been one of the most frustrating things in the known universe as it seems that these days, e mails and voicemails are things to be summarily ignored and there are very few people who bother to get back to you even if it’s only to say that they aren’t interested.


Finally though, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, things have been slowly getting themselves together. I have been asked to write a gardening piece for a new digital magazine, have written some ad copy, have had a piece published on a ‘writers for writers’ website and may have got myself a copy writing gig. I have to say, that most of this success can be laid firmly at Twitter’s door. What a useful little tool that has proved to be and considering the fact that I only really started to use it properly in January, has reaped me much reward.

SONY DSC So things are moving forward. Slowly but surely. The ‘big’ project has ground to a bit of a halt as I wait for various people to do various things which is beyond frustrating and beyond my control. But I shall keep plugging away and hopefully get it on the move again. So it’s been a busy time. The holiday let is booked up for pretty much the whole of the Summer which will keep us out of mischief and the house like a Chinese laundry but it’s a relief when the bank statement comes!


The pictures in the post are of the weekend just gone which was glorious. We’re at a funny stage in the garden where all the primroses and tulips are out and so are the geraniums from last year which all survived a Winter in the greenhouse. I slaved like nobody’s business yesterday and came in bleeding and bruised after my efforts. But it is really starting to look good out there and the veg is coming along nicely in the greenhouse. Madam Rainbow spent the afternoon with me sunbathing and generally getting in the way and it was lovely.

I also finished off these little fellows which I had a mind to sell but wasn’t sure if they were ‘Eastery’ enough


Maybe not. There were also some others that I made for smaller peeps to go with their chocolate chickens.SONY DSC

So there you go. As you can see, I haven’t been idle and there’s plenty more where all that came from. Little acorns Dear reader. Little acorns.




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There comes a time in a young man’s life when his thoughts must turn to his apparel. There is no certain age for this and indeed there are some young men who never quite get the hang of what is cool and what is not.

Not so the Smallest Baby Boy who pitched up on Saturday looking every inch the cool dude…


In fact he was a dude so cool that the sunglasses stayed on in one way or another all day

During lunch


And races


And making daisy chains with Pops


Turning Madam into the Spring Princess


He was loath to remove them for any reason at all. I feel a sartorial boy coming on in the future.

In other news EVERYTHING has finally begun to emerge in the greenhouse and to date there are beans both runner and broad, tomatoes of two different varieties, spinach, broccoli, garlic, chillies, basil, courgettes and of course the obligatory sunflowers. I’m wondering if the veg patch is going to be big enough for it all as there are already potatoes, herbs, rhubarb, red currants and artichokes on the go……watch this greenfingered space! Elsewhere there is finally colour apart from the Primroses and Daffs


These are my Mother’s favourites and were grown from some bulbs that she gave me a couple of Christmases ago



They have withstood all the awful cold weather and are enjoying a bit of sunshine at last and are so delicate and perfect. It makes your heart glad to see that the Winter is finally behind us and we can look forward to sunnier days and warmth on our faces.

Apart from all of that, I have nothing more to impart Dear Reader except to show you the following. Madam and her bunny cakes. Well it was Easter after all…..


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Easter by Joyce Kilmer

The air is like a butterfly
With frail blue wings.
The happy earth looks at the sky
And sings.

Oh if the above were only true Dear Reader but alas, the weather even down here on the Isle is rubbish! This time last year is was glorious and we had Easter Sunday lunch in the garden and were out there long into the evening with bottles of vino collapso to sustain us. I fear that this  will not be the case this year and so I am looking forward to the following

Some cake making with the SBG ( you may remember this exercise from before) – there will be chicks and bunnies involved…


Some visiting of friends and family. A line run through for the play that’s on in two weeks (yikes!!). And then there’s the new project – there are curtains to be hung, beds to be made, prettying up to do and photos to be take by our mega talented mate Gav (who can be found here http://www.gavinprestphotography.com ) – He is  looking at ways of marketing and publishing his photographs – so if any of you guys out there in blogland have any bright ideas, let me know – or better still if you’d like to buy his work or have fabulous wealthy contacts let him know!

There is so much to do over the holiday I may spontaneously combust and all my plans of lazing around and doing bugger all have gone out of the window. I may manage to sqeeze in a small lie in or two and we are out on the lash with Mr & Mrs Folly this evening to kick proceedings off.

I wish you a happy Easter Dear Reader with plenty of whatever takes your fancy.

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Well Dear Reader, how lovely super smashing to have had four whole days off. I considered for a nano second being totally idle for all four days but then the gardening guilt took over and so on Friday and most of Saturday I gardened myself to a standstill, the net result of which was that I had somewhere lovely to sit and read awhile today.

Down at the bottom of the garden, my stolen  acquired copse is in full bluebell bloom

I do love a Bluebell – they are to me quintessentially English flowers and their delicate scent wafts up from the garden on the warm breeze during the evening.

But it wasn’t all work and no play this weekend. The ACL and I always cook on Easter Sunday – a ginormous roast regardless of whether it’s just the two of us or a cast of thousands. This year we invited a couple of friends from work and one of their boyfriends and we had late lunch in the garden and then sat and chatted and drank far too much wine (me) until late on in the evening. It was a lovely day and I really felt (despite slaving over a hot stove) that I’ve really had some proper time off.

Meanwhile across the drive at Chicken Towers there have been some additions to the flock.

They are ever so cute and needless to say, The ACL is completely besotted with them to the point at which I have to remind her that they are in fact chicken and not human…..

So that’s about it from here on the (very) sunny Isle. I have had a very nice weekend doing nothing much. Have got the garden whipped into shape and even planted some veg in the raised beds. Back to work tomorrow *sigh* but just for the three days and then we get to do it all all over again! Woo hoo!!!

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…only belated because of slaving   working in the garden with my slave driver friend the ACL, toiling working at the pub (honestly it SO isn’t the season of goodwill isn’t Easter – so many grumpy and rude folks about) and learning thinking about lines for the play. So a little visual Easter treat from my humble abode on the sunny Isle (and yes it is sunny today – well it would be wouldn’t it, I was working!)

Am just off for dinner cooked by the ACL – she’s not so bad really!! Happy Easter folks.

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This is Amber the chicken. She is orange (obviously), fat and at times unbelievably stupid – I know I should be hugely insulted but hey, how many of you out there have a chicken named after you, orange, fat, stupid or otherwise? She (or her sister Clarissa) managed to squish the new born chicks that the ACL was trying to nurture not once but twice and so to that end the ACL, or rather her husband  Harley Man, has purchased an egg incubator to see whether they’ll have more success…watch this space for cute fluffy chicks, fingers crossed.

I was thinking about baby chicks which led me to think about Easter, which in turn led me to remembering school assignments which centered around ‘things I like best’ themes (it’s a long way from Yarmouth to Newport at stupid o’clock in the morning) – and so on that basis in a Spring stylee here goes:

The Spring bulbs pushing their way through the soil and becoming a splash of much needed colour in a still very bare garden – the snowdrops, hellebores, daffodils and then later bluebells carpeting the copse at the bottom of the garden. The primroses that I have unearthed from their Winter slumbers buried beneath the debris of the Autumn and which are now yellow and pretty.

The million birds that live in my garden and seem to get up at 4 in the morning busily nesting – since the demise of the cat they are around in abundance unlike last year when they abandoned me in the face of a prowling and very naughty ginger nutter. They swoop and flutter all day singing as though their very lives depend on it and it’s a joy to listen to.

Blue skies and enough warmth in the sunshine to make you feel that Spring might just have arrived. Friends are digging gardens, planting seeds and making vegetable growing plans and it feels like the very long and cold Winter that we had might finally be over and we are coming out of hibernation.

And randomly and therefore in no particular order, newly cut and neat hedges, bright polyanthus in the shops, bunches of daffodils and tulips, 4 days off (ish) at Easter to look forward to, lighter evenings, the clocks going forwards, putting my Winter coat away, planting the vast quantity of seeds that I seem to have acquired, feeling the need to lose some of the Winter blubber (I succumbed to a chocolate brioche this morning…) in order to look lithe and lovely marginally thinner by Summer because those layers of clothing will all too soon be gone, getting some colour in my pale Winter cheeks, apple blossom and seeing Mrs Wren teach her babies to fly (she lined them all up on the pergola and pushed them off one by one last year).

I feel more positive as Spring is here and there is the promise of Summer in the offing. I feel energised and enthusiastic. Long may it last!

P.S. Happy Paddy’s Day!!

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