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It’s very dreary Dear Reader is it not? A typical British February of rain, fog and misty moisty mornings when cloudy is very much the weather. I had hope that, when January was over, the malaise that had settled over me might lift, but I find myself still in hermit like mode. I did however, venture out last night to a play reading. The play, set in an old people’s home, has been written by the lovely Mr Wilson (a fellow thesp and all round nice bloke) from right here on the (not so) sunny Isle. It was a lot of fun to read (and nice for him I’m sure to hear all the parts done by ‘real’ voices) and hopefully it might get an airing at some point in the future and I actually missed Holby for it! Apart from that, I haven’t really moved outside the door…there was a spot of tree pruning over the weekend as my still aching muscles will attest to but that’s been about it.

It looks like this in the mornings when I get on the floating bridge to work

It doesn’t exactly fill you with the joys of Spring first thing in the morning does it?!

And the whilst I was looking through some old photos I came across these which are pictures of a painted hoarding in Cowes which I must have passed a million times without really looking at. If you look closely at the above pic of the floating bridge, you can see some of the buildings in the paintings (just about through the mist!)

They are fabulous in a drippy almost impressionistic kind of way and should you find yourself in Cowes high street, have a look at them. We’re all guilty of not looking at what’s right under our noses at times aren’t we?

Looking at the weather forecast I think the hermit stage might go on for a bit. Lit fire, crap telly, the odd film and a glass of vino collapso to take the pain of February away…not so bad really when you think about it!!


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