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They say that all good things come to an end and to that end I’ve decided that this blog has had its day.

Blogging was instrumental in making me the writer I have become after initially starting this back in 2009 as an exercise in getting things off my chest and has gained me not only work but also online and real life friends and acquaintances. I adopted a cat through this blog who, some nearly seven years later, is regarding me as I write, balefully from the landing, have spoken to people in far flung places and have charted the progress of the urchins.

As with many things technology related, social media has now become my weapon of choice and once again I have made many connections through Instagram and Twitter – like minded people who make me think, laugh, commiserate and care and although many of them are ‘only’ in the ether I am glad of their company and opinion.

So thanks to all of you who’ve read the nonsense on here, have commented and have become friends. It’s been great fun and has finally given me a career that I am proud of. So long…

Well what else would it have been!



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