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It was summer. No really, it was. The sun shone, there was no rain and we all moaned about how hot it was. So that was that then. In amongst the sunny days there has been the evidence of urchins who have been to visit. And learned to ride bikes.



We had them to stay for a couple of days whilst their parents selfishly went away for a much deserved break!




Slip sliding away

What larks we had…




End of the cone

A fun time was had by all. They then reappeared a week later…



And all was going swimmingly until some one (not the next one) was caught weeing in the pool…..


Washing basket swimming

Well, boys will be boys…

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It’s been rather splendid here on the extremely sunny Isle and we have been making the most of where we are with walks, trips to the pub on balmy evenings and a visit from two out of three of the small people.



Raspberry picking was the first order of the day and The Eldest Girl having announced that this was to be her future career set to with gusto. The only problem was that the lure of the eating of the raspberry proved far greater than the picking of…

She thought it was hilarious



The Small Boy was too absorbed in other things to take much notice of these shenanigans


And so we decided, having exhausted the raspberry supply, to go and have a look at the horses up the lane


There was a caterpillar found, named Gerry and duly traipsed all the way home


There was also the following conversation with the EG

EG: Nanny what are those?

Me: Molehills. The moles push up the earth when they’re tunnelling under the ground.

EG (looking thoughtful) : Do they have mole kings and queens do you think?

Me: I’m sure they probably do.

EG: So where do they get their crowns from then?

Me: I can’t believe you don’t know that.

EG (in a “you’re being a smartarse” voice): So where do they get them then.

Me: From the mole crown shop OF COURSE.

EBG (witheringly and with rolled eyes): Oh you ARE silly Nanny.


And so on that note we went home to play in the garden and look at bugs and ask a billion questions. The EG is fascinated by all things creepy crawly and there are any number of poor creatures picked up, examined and rehomed miles from where they began. I’ve been teaching her the names of plants and flowers which she pretty much remembers and she’s got a bug book to identify things which she assures me she has seen all of…

The small boy is more interested in being Batman and generally making merry


And playing on the swing and asking a billion more questionsSONY DSC

It’s been a great summer so far and the garden has come into its own for running about in (them) and flaking out in (me).


Today will be a day of hedge cutting and tidying up (knackered back and shoulder permitting) and hopefully the weather will last for a bit longer so that we can all feel that we’ve absorbed some rays and vitamin D and feel better for it.

Madam Rainbow is ambivalent about the heat. On one hand she’s not keen on the very hot days, on the other it is a great excuse for constant snoozing


She is a lazy baggage!

And so another week looms. Rehearsals, work, gardening and maybe a wee trip to a place that sells wine might be in order (and I don’t mean the supermarket). We also need to sort a break out in the autumn when the holiday let is quiet and we can draw breath. Phew!


Enjoy Dear Reader. Enjoy!


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And so the holiday known as Easter hove into view and it was most welcome indeed. Now I don’t know about you Dear Reader, but I suspect that most normal people regard the words ‘bank’ and ‘holiday’ as a time for kicking back and taking things easy. Not so in South Lodge Towers, oh no indeed! There were times during my 6 day ‘holiday’ when the words ‘blue arsed’ and ‘fly’ were far more appropriate.

SONY DSCThere was to begin with – the decorating of the kitchen. Thursday (precious days ‘real’ holiday) – move all clat out of kitchen, of which there is much, and clean. When you have as much clat as we I do then this takes some considerable time. When you (well I mean I) painted around the fridge and dresser last time as opposed to moving them because your husband was abroad working, then this leads to much mingingness behind said pieces of furniture. Thus, cleaning took quite some time too. We repaired to the pub at 6.

Friday – painting and the fraughtness of said pursuit. Lots of dark mutterings, getting in each others way, pointing out of bits missed and grumpiness thereof and quite a bit of general tutting….we repaired to the pub at 5.

SONY DSCSaturday – holiday let changeover day. Let’s not even go there. Suffice to say that I shall not be picking up after strangers for too many more years. Wine open at 4.30.

Sunday. One of us played golf. The other one of us washed and put all clat back into newly decorated kitchen. One of us fell asleep in front of the football. One of us cooked a lovely turkey dinner as it was Easter Sunday. I’ll leave it to you to guess which was which……


And so, by the time Monday came around I was wishing that Easter had never bloody existed. I therefore INSISTED that we leave the house before breakfast. Have someone else cook that and lunch and dinner and leave the decorating and endless cleaning behind. And so we did.


We took ourselves off to Freshwater Bay, had a breakfast of sorts (Dandelion Café – no we don’t do breakfast just sandwiches – how about toast – no just sandwiches….bread….toast…really not… I refused to be wound up and so a cheese and ham toastie was all mine) overlooking the bay in the beautiful sunshine. It was so lovely it felt like being on holiday (at last). We walked up to the Tennyson monument which was a goodly stretch and then visited the lovely Kev in his lovely garden for a cuppa. After a few thwarted efforts at obtaining lunch – you explain to me why places are closed on a scorching bank holiday in one of the UKs most popular holiday destinations, we finally ended up in Seaview for a restorative snifter and some grub.

SONY DSCAfter seeing the small folks who had been away we ventured back to the West Wight for dinner with the Folliers at the Wight Mouse. We left home at 9am and returned at 11.30pm and FINALLY I felt as though I had relaxed and had a holiday of sorts.

SONY DSCIt was a lovely day and a good way to get back to feeling almost human again. I had taken an extra day off on the other side too and as TG was off mainland overnight golfing, had the house to myself which was rather nice and very peaceful.

SONY DSCI’d love to be one of those people who can be at home and do nothing (I live with one of those) but sadly it just is not in my nature. I see all the things that need doing and I hate to sit in an untidy room in the evening or constantly look at unmown grass and endless weeds. I should take a chill pill I guess. The Child is home for the next bank holiday and we have a christening to attend but apart from that I might just put the chill pill theory into action. Or I might not….so much to do so little time…..


*Yes that dot in the above photo is the monument. It was like the sketch from Father Ted when Ted explains really close and far away to Dougal…

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So now Dear Reader the hour approacheth!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a peaceful holiday and may all your wishes come true.

I myself have asked Father Christmas YET AGAIN for a fireman. He has let me down in years gone by but I am confident in this year’s past goodness…


Well not everyone is thrilled that it’s Christmas!!!


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I am currently in the process of booking a much needed and long awaited holiday in France in October Dear Reader and would like your help.

The plan is to drive from Bordeaux to Nice staying somewhere different each night. So far I have booked a Chateau in Provence (Aups) and a hotel in St Tropez with probably Beaulieu Sur Mer or Villefranche to finish the trip off. The problem that I’m having is with the beginning bit…

After a night in Bordeaux and given the route to Nice does anyone have any suggestions? Things to see, places to stay, restaurants to visit??? I have 4 nights left to sort out.

Because there is nothing worse than getting back only for someone to say ‘Oh if ONLY I’d known I’d have recommended…..’

All suggestions either here or over on FB gratefully accepted!!

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And so the holiday that was Easter passed in a whirlwind of curtain altering, light fixture fitting, mirror hanging and general doing. There was a brief interlude of table dancing at the Folly and a rather drunken Easter Sunday dinner and we were very grateful to the lovely Gavin and Michele who participated in all of the above!

Apart from his electrical and mirror hanging skills Gavin (as previously mentioned)is a rather good photographer and the below are the results of our mini photo shoot…

The dining room

And another

The living room

And another

The master bedroom

The second bedroom

The twin room

And the kitchen

We’ve tried to make it comfy and a little bit luxurious and we still have more cushions, curtains, pictures and bits and pieces of furniture to add.  But we are open for business. Yikes!!!

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This is our new venture – there are more photos to follow but this gives you a taster!

Barton Manor holiday cottage

via Barton Manor holiday cottage.

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