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I do love France. I love the cafes, croissants, la langue, fabulous food, doorways, windows, shutters, markets, brocante, roses, faded hues, towns on rivers, straight trees, Tarte Breton, chateaux, Monetesque countryside, Muscadet, pre-dinner drinks in little bars, Brie, bread, big ripe red tomatoes, Leiseur salad dressing, French radishes, chatting in badly grammatical French, buying great memories in markets, cafe grande and much more besides. Lots of people have thought that I’m mad to love these disparate things over the years – but pah to them I say – it’s the small stuff that matters!

This is a small photo montage of this trip. Somewhere in between Rennes and Chateaubriant – La Bas Quibut – sort of Loireish. Lovely…

France – we shall return.

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