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I can’t believe that it’s been more or less a week since I last got my act together and wrote anything – but there you go. It is. Maybe it’s an age thing but the time seems to be flying past faster than ever. I can remember as a teenager each hour seeming like a day and each day like forever. If only that were the case now. Think how much more I could squash into a day!

So what have I been up to? Well there was Cirque du Soleil, a most astonishing of spectacles. A myriad of movement, a riot of colour with acrobatics that made you gasp and clowns that had me in stitches. I went along feeling a bit ho hum about the whole thing and not, if I’m honest, really in the mood, but it was truly marvellous. Not as marvellous as Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake but then to be fair that was semi naked men in feather trousers….calm Amber, calm!

And then there has been the weather,. I am British therefore I shall discuss. Well, what a difference a month makes. After all that rain, then all that snow we seem to be moving back into the realms of ‘yay I can get out into the garden again’ land.

My vegetable beds that looked like this

Now look like this

And have been dug over ready for action. The seed potatoes are being chitted in the greenhouse and I’ve been online and ordered the last of the seeds for the year. The ACL has planted 250 onions and we have great plans for the vegetable garden this year. 

We’ve cut the hedges

And Spring seems to be in the air

Mrs Mutterer’s little glass bottles have been put to good use

And contain all the odd spice leftovers like Mace, Fennel and Fenugreek seeds…

Oh yes. And whilst The Other Child was off riding, the smallest baby girl came to play eat Nanny out of house and home

 ‘Look Nanny it’s all in my tummy’

Now then. Must get on. Things to do. Cushions to sew. You know how it is…


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