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What will I do when they don’t want to spend time with me anymore because it’s TOO BORING……

Thankfully that day at the moment seems a long time off!!

Long may it all last!


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There is nothing that says Summer quite as much as the smell of newly mown grass

You can just see Osborne House across the newly combined field and our back field has been transformed too

It reminds me a bit of a Constable painting – quintessentially English

The Summer will probably only last for a nanosecond – the British weather being as it is, but even for that short time I shall enjoy the hay smells and hay making and remember Summers of long ago when the days were endless and we hadn’t a care in the world.

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Fear not Dear Reader (on the off chance that you might have been concerned), I have not dropped off the face of the earth!! I have unfortunately been computerless due to a new job and lack of internet at home which has now been mended only for my computer to become so slow that it is almost comatose!These small issues aside, what can I tell you?

Well the sun is finally shining here on the sunny Isle and today Her Maj comes to us on the last leg of her Jubilee tour. Sadly, I am closeted away at work but it was nice to see all the folks in their best, flags in hand trooping (no pun intended) off to Cowes Parade for a sighting. She is only here for a nanosecond before winging her way back to the mainland aboard Leander for what is the last day of her epic tour.


In other news there has been a second chicken pox stricken child, severe sunburn (me) after gardening and ironing in underwear at the weekend (I thought I was safe behind our fence until I saw the surprised nay shocked faces of the people on the top of the passing double decker – clearly not a pretty sight!), oh yes, and the photo shoot for the Calendar Girls calendar.

Picture if you will Dear Reader (if you are eating you might want to turn your mind elsewhere) 13 women between the ages of 20 and about 80, semi naked on a red velvet sofa with just santa hats and tinsel covering their modesty. It was the maddest, funniest time and inhibitions were thrown to the wind as we all posed for our individual shots and our group Christmas and publicity ones. There was no time to be coy, not time to be precious and certainly no time to worry about lumps and bumps and hopefully the fruits of our efforts will go on to raise lots of dosh for leukemia and lymphoma research. So if you’re stuck for a Christmas present for that special person…….

So that’s about it. Between the aforesaid new job and wall to wall rehearsals there hasn’t been much time for anything else. We are however, slipping over to Osborne House with Mr & Mrs Folly (and pretty much everyone else I know) to see Tom Jones on Sunday night. It’s a fabulous venue for an outdoor concert (and one of the few events that hasn’t fallen foul of the weather) with picnic and vino collapso in hand and we have been there previously for Simply Red and sung and danced the night away. So something to look forward to.

I hope that the sun is shining wherever you are Dear Reader. Somehow a bit of warmth on your back makes everything seem so much better don’t you think? It’s the weather for barbis, Pimms on the lawn and time spent with friends and I for one will be embracing it with gusto. Just for a change!

**Please excuse the above slightly phallic Lily (given some of the above text) – but isn’t it a lovely colour…

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When I was young (before God was a boy) I lived in the middle of nowhere in Ireland. There were no computers, 3 stations on the telly and I had just an old record player and books for company. Now before you burst into tears Dear Reader and get the violins out – it was fine and we knew no different. My father was a big fan of auctions and I can remember him coming home from one particularly successful one with a whole tea-chest full of children’s books. Oh the bliss of it. In amongst these books was Frances Hodgson Burnett’s ‘The Secret Garden’ which fascinated and horrified me in equal measures. It’s a great tale full of pluck and derring do, albeit a little old fashioned, and I still quite enjoy a read of it.

Just up the road from where I live is Osborne House which, for those of you who don’t know’ was the ‘holiday home’ of Queen Victoria and where she eventually died. It has, in its grounds, the most fabulous walled garden (which if I could I would pick up and transport to my own garden) and last weekend TG snuck in there to get some inspiration for a big pergola / walkway that we’re planning. Whenever I go there it always reminds me of ‘The Secret Garden’ and as we wandered around I imagined myself to be Mary Lennox…..

There are flowers galore even at this late stage in the season

And wonderful Victorian greenhouses

There was also an amount of Autumn veg

It’s a most wonderful space full of imagination, clever ideas and peaceful spots and TG and I repaired home with inspiration a plenty. If you get the opportunity to go – go. It’s more than worth it.

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Sometimes, Dear Reader, when it all gets too much, I take myself off for a little drive or a little walk to get a bit of solitude and to get my head together.

Last weekend, by Monday, I was seriously peopled out so I went up the drive and onto the Osborne estate (shh don’t tell anyone…) and into the woods at the back of the house. If you know the sunny Isle, you will know that Osborne House is most famous for being the place where Queen Victoria died and where she had a bit of a fling with John Brown (who rumour has it once lived in my house). And I live this close to the house itself and in fact can see it from my bedroom window…

A friend had been down for the weekend and he showed me some of the ins and outs of the camera that TG bought me for Christmas and the manual for which I couldn’t be arsed  didn’t get round to read. So off I went and had a little play.

I came home lighter of heart and clearer of head.
And just one more, Dear Reader, if you’ve made it this far – the reason I was all peopled out….

Me and the very lovely Mrs G – performing for charity (well you’d have to be in those get ups and wigs wouldn’t you) and raising a few more coppers for the Island Women’s Refuge at a gala afternoon where we performed not one but two one act plays. We did giggle at ourselves….she looks 20 years older and slightly deranged and I look like an extra from ‘my big fat chav, did you spill my pint wedding’. The things we do, Dear Reader, the things we do!

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