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It was such a lovely day for a change today Dear Reader, that I bought some coloured Polyanthus and did a bit of planting and brightening the garden. There are a few Primroses and violets just beginning to appear too

After all my moaning (literally) in last night’s Vag Mons I felt that I needed some fresh air today!! The show went really well and we raised somewhere in the region of £1200 for the IOW Women’s Refuge where I worked myself for nearly three years. Somewhat unbelievably no one took any pictures despite the fact that we had cameras available – I think we were all to nervous to remember! Suffice to say we were all resplendent in black and red with fascinators, vajazzles and the like……enough said there I think!

Whilst I was pottering around in the garden Madam Rainbow decided to join me (I say decided – deigned would be more the word) for a spot of sunbathing

And some scratching

And then somewhat bizarrely she took off up the apple tree….(amazing really because she is SUCH a fat lump – all my fault – I am miles too soft!)

She did quite a lot of eating twigs

And some bird watching… (the birds were deeply unimpressed)

She then scampered off down to the bottom of the garden no doubt to await the arrival of one of her manky boyfriends (there are currently three – the ginger one, a manky tabby and a calico who looks uncannily like her). She is SUCH a tart!

So that’s it – play over and back to work tomorrow. Was there a weekend? Really?? I must have missed it in all the excitement!


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This is Amber the chicken. She is orange (obviously), fat and at times unbelievably stupid – I know I should be hugely insulted but hey, how many of you out there have a chicken named after you, orange, fat, stupid or otherwise? She (or her sister Clarissa) managed to squish the new born chicks that the ACL was trying to nurture not once but twice and so to that end the ACL, or rather her husband  Harley Man, has purchased an egg incubator to see whether they’ll have more success…watch this space for cute fluffy chicks, fingers crossed.

I was thinking about baby chicks which led me to think about Easter, which in turn led me to remembering school assignments which centered around ‘things I like best’ themes (it’s a long way from Yarmouth to Newport at stupid o’clock in the morning) – and so on that basis in a Spring stylee here goes:

The Spring bulbs pushing their way through the soil and becoming a splash of much needed colour in a still very bare garden – the snowdrops, hellebores, daffodils and then later bluebells carpeting the copse at the bottom of the garden. The primroses that I have unearthed from their Winter slumbers buried beneath the debris of the Autumn and which are now yellow and pretty.

The million birds that live in my garden and seem to get up at 4 in the morning busily nesting – since the demise of the cat they are around in abundance unlike last year when they abandoned me in the face of a prowling and very naughty ginger nutter. They swoop and flutter all day singing as though their very lives depend on it and it’s a joy to listen to.

Blue skies and enough warmth in the sunshine to make you feel that Spring might just have arrived. Friends are digging gardens, planting seeds and making vegetable growing plans and it feels like the very long and cold Winter that we had might finally be over and we are coming out of hibernation.

And randomly and therefore in no particular order, newly cut and neat hedges, bright polyanthus in the shops, bunches of daffodils and tulips, 4 days off (ish) at Easter to look forward to, lighter evenings, the clocks going forwards, putting my Winter coat away, planting the vast quantity of seeds that I seem to have acquired, feeling the need to lose some of the Winter blubber (I succumbed to a chocolate brioche this morning…) in order to look lithe and lovely marginally thinner by Summer because those layers of clothing will all too soon be gone, getting some colour in my pale Winter cheeks, apple blossom and seeing Mrs Wren teach her babies to fly (she lined them all up on the pergola and pushed them off one by one last year).

I feel more positive as Spring is here and there is the promise of Summer in the offing. I feel energised and enthusiastic. Long may it last!

P.S. Happy Paddy’s Day!!

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