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No. Before you ask, it’s not me who has been dispatched thankfully. My life which had previously been bonkers became a little more so but in a good way. We have a new addition to the family. He is a very small boy who had a rather traumatic entry into this world but who has come out the other side and is a bonny little thing despite it all. SONY DSC We now have four urchins living up the road, all very different in their own little ways and a complete joy. I sometimes wonder if I love them too much for my (and their) own good but then that can’t be a bad thing can it? Whether we’re making octopus legs from socks, running round the garden pretending to be birds, cutting and sticking, reading stories or just having one of a billion cuddles, they are one of the best things that have ever happened to me and I am so grateful to have them in my life! SONY DSC Meanwhile and in the midst of what was an emotional and exhausting couple of weeks we had a wedding. Now this was a wedding that was a long time in the coming but which was a lovely family occasion from the little country church in Lincolnshire to the garden reception on what was a beautifully sunny English country afternoon. SONY DSC The urchins really enjoyed the whole thing, from looking pious in church SONY DSC To fun and frolics with their fabulous (as opposed to great) aunt SONY DSC To getting lost in the lovely garden SONY DSC SONY DSC And there was, of course, cake SONY DSC SONY DSC All in all a lovely day SONY DSC Sadly, they say that when someone enters the world, someone leaves and this was true unfortunately with the death of a marvellous old friend of my mothers who departed aged 99. A real Dub and former theatrical agent she was a lovely lady and never afraid to speak her mind even at such a great age. See you Betty! So that’s what’s been going on in this neck of the woods. Well that and closing my first issue of Style of Wight as Deputy Editor. A brilliant if knackering experience and hopefully when the mag hits the shelves on Friday, a job well done! Phew!!


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It’s amazing isn’t it. I’ve spent so much time writing for other people that I have completely neglected the very thing that got me started in the first place! Not that I’m complaining you understand. It has been a whirligig of a few weeks  and the next few promise to be the same. I have gone from a standing start to something that even my nearest and dearest are surprised at and I’m loving it. But I thought, as I’m in between issues, I’d better get on with a bit of an update on here.

Sadly nothing of any great consequence has occurred apart from the usual work, domestic bliss and a couple of nights out. There is a play on the go which I am struggling with time to learn the lines for and then another one after that…the all female Macbeth in which I shall play Banquo who thankfully carks it halfway through thus giving me only half a play’s worth of lines to learn and then a bit of ghostly drifting about to finish off with.

Me an TG have got out and about a bit and according to the Other Child my Victoria sandwich is going in the right direction, such has been the levels of my stomping around woods and beaches and getting my steps up to 10,000 a day. I have an app on my phone which not only measures your steps but also nags you via an hourly message to ‘get moving’ if you’ve been idle too long. Sort of like having your mother permanently in your pocket….

Anyway, we got out over the weekend to Yarmouth and did a 4 mile circuitous route which was rather nice with a quick stop off at the Red Lion for a coffee and a chat.


It’s a favourite walk of mine because you start off at one side of the inlet in the woods and fields and end up on the other side in the marshes back to where you started. We met a little friend on our travels who was very sweet and up for a scratch and a pat on the nose.


It was a good stretch and just what the ‘I’ve been stuck at a desk’ doctor ordered.


I must just show you a couple of other things. Completely unrelated to the above but fun. I did a photo shoot which I borrowed the props for and styled (get me!) and I took a couple of quick snaps on my phone just to see how it might look…

IMG_1535 IMG_1541

It was all terribly exciting!

On my way back from prop drop off I came upon this fine fellow – one of 12 living at Calbourne water mill. They were quite a sight when I pulled up and were all milling about but this one posed perfectly.


Amazing eh?

So that’s it really. I’m not dead, buried under something heavy or gone away just in case you’d been fretting. Life is moving on at an incredible pace and sometimes it’s a struggle to keep up! But I shall endeavour to. Really I will.


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