The things she says….

So there we were having a little Friday half term morning at Nanny’s house (just the girls – the boy wasn’t allowed to come because of his new found love of spitting…..) and pancakes were deemed to be the order of the day.

We made the batter and heated the pan. The eldest child was standing on a chair next to the cooker watching.

Eldest: Can I make them Nanny?

Me: No the pan is very hot and we don’t want to end up at the hospital for the rest of the morning.

Eldest: Oooooohhhhhh pleeeeeeease

Me: No. I’ll do them. And anyway the first one is always a bit of a disaster while we get the pan to the right heat.

Long pause. Considered look sideways at me

Eldest: Well. Mummy’s are never a disaster….

I managed to fight the urge to push her off the chair.

You know when your life has become a little over busy when you are on the phone to the bloke who sorts things like your pension out and are simultaneously making a casserole and potting up marmalade. I told the bloke on the phone of my multitasking and there was a sharp intake of breath – more because he didn’t think I’d been listening to him for the past hour rather than admiration at my not inconsiderable juggling act. Pah! All of that and writing reams of copy for everything from Swiss chocolate, Unilever collaborations, eggs cups, wedding proposals and branding to master data (whatever that is) has made life busy but very interesting. But in the midst of all of this there are others to think of… Sunday last was a Nanny day and the small people arrived at some ungodly hour whilst their mother swanned off shopping for the day. Thinking ahead and knowing the boredom threshold of a gnat that the 6 year old has, I had lined up all manner of entertainments and making and doing. The boy child immediately flaked out in front of the telly with his cars (because you are allowed to do such things at Nanny’s) and the smallest person traipsed around the house dragging unwilling dollies and singing snatches of Frozen (which, I have to say makes me feel vaguely homicidal…).

And so the day commenced. There was cake making – and I must admit that the EBG can pretty much get everything necessary out of the cupboard herself and knows which order it all goes into the bowl. They were a resounding success! SONY DSC SONY DSC I love this one!! SONY DSC When Pops finally dragged himself off the golf course rescued me it was decided that a run round the fields would be just the thing on a freezing February day. Of course….. SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Actually the older two quite enjoyed it. Not so the smallest child who stood resolutely in the middle of the field and refused to move for anyone even when cake was the bribe of choice. She is such a baggage! SONY DSC SONY DSC But we had a lovely day. Relatively chilled, cakes, telly and an amount of cutting and sticking. And miles of non stop chat… SONY DSC The eldest girl child then decided that she was going to be the next David Bailey. Actually she didn’t do half badly with my camera and got the gist of getting people and things centered and focussed. Here are a few that she took – she’s 6.   SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC Not bad eh? And so the day drew to a close and we broke the post dry January wine out which seemed both fitting and very necessary! Blimey!

So. Last weekend was designated as Great Garden Clearance Weekend. Yes of course I know that it’s January and bloody freezing but TG was not to be put off and so off we went into the cold. And wet.

We managed to fill several of those enormous bags that you get from DIY stores and hold around a metric tonne and then came the task of getting them onto the back of the pick up and to the tip. Hoisting them onto the back of the truck was bad enough as I am not the tallest person in the world and my arms only go up so far but eventually we had got three of the buggers on and roped down and off we set tipwards.

I should at this point mention that the composting section of the tip has a high wall (at least 4 feet high) over which you have to empty your garden waste. There is also the small question of momentum when what is in the bag comes out…

TG: Make sure you hold on to the bottom of the bag when we tip it over the wall.

Me: Well that’s easier said than done with slippy wet gloves on.

TG: Right are you ready. On three. One, two, three

I was at this point practically underneath the bag and hanging on as instructed. As the bag went over the wall the contents got stuck and with one swift movement I was halfway over the wall as well.

TG: I thought I told you to hang on.

Me: (from halfway over the wall and through gritted teeth) I AM HANGING ON. Where are you when needed?!

TG: Well it’s not my fault, you were standing in the wrong place weren’t you.

*divorce pending*

Having had a very successful trip to see Paddington last Saturday the two eldest small people came home for a spot of lunch and some R&R. The girl child was most insistent that we made those paper chain things where the people, or in her case snowmen, are holding hands.

Her: Do you know how to make them then Nanny?

Me: Yes, but I might have to practice a bit. It’s all about how you fold the paper.

Her: So, you don’t know how to make them then.

Me: No I do, I just need some practice.

Her: (on her way to get the paper and over her shoulder) Yes you should practice Nanny and you never know, you might just learn something…


Where does the time go?

It suddenly occurred to me that nothing has been written on here for a month! There are no whimsical Christmas pictures, no New Year shenanigans and no resolutions.

Now Dear Reader, I could rectify that and bore you rigid with numerous pictures of people you don’t know drinking and cavorting. I could pontificate about all the things I plan to do this year differently and better. But I shan’t. Instead I shall say just a couple of things that won’t , I promise, make you throw up in a bucket.

Last year was a year of opportunities that came and were acted upon with gusto. The year began badly but unfolded into the best one that there has been for some time. Between meeting and writing for many and various folks, a new book club which introduced me  to some quite amazing ladies, a very good holiday letting summer and autumn and a gift of a part in a play to seeing the small people and the slightly older ones grow and thrive, 2014 was a year to look back on and smile. If this year is even half as good then I’ll be happy with that.

I am no richer in money terms. I’m yet another year older (and certainly no wiser) but I go into 2015 with optimism, my health and some occasions to very much look forward to.

And that’s what it’s all about really isn’t it?


I know that I said no photos but you get one- just because it makes me smile and because I am so very proud of them both.

Well heavens above and to Betsy Dear Reader the weather here on the sunny Isle has been just that – sunny. It’s been sunny, warm and brilliantly lovely all weekend and TG and I got out and about on one of our staycation days yesterday.


We went and had a massage (him – a Christmas present from last year) and a facial (me) and then, because we were already in Sandown, we went for a stroll along the prom


We won and then lost £2 in the arcade on the pier and then walked and chatted with dog walkers and folks out and about on such a lovely day



It was the perfect antidote to what has been (yet again) a manic couple of weeks. The magazine that I write for , Style of Wight, has given me loads to do which is amazing but stops me from doing other things – like writing on here – but I’m pretty much up to date now on the latest issue and looking forward to having an exciting series of my own in the mag in the New Year! Heady times!!


After our walk we headed over to Cowes to do some shopping and support small business Saturday. Just as we’d decided to go home we bumped into some friends and so repaired to the pub instead – because we’re easily led. We were however back in time for the X Factor….


I know that I bang on about it on here, but we are so very lucky to have all of this on our doorstep or a short drive away and I do love the Island in the winter when the tourists have gone and it’s just the locals again. We had a magic day and felt so restored. Despite the overdose of Sauvignon in the pub…..Oh well!



The small people came for the whole day on Saturday last as their mother was FINISHING her Christmas shopping…..sometimes I want to slap her. Hard.

They were in top form and so to burn off a bit of energy and to get out before the heavens opened yet again we went up the drive for a bit of a stroll. They love to go and look at the horses and because they’d come armed with wellies, mud and puddles were the order of the day.


All was going swimmingly until a small boy pushed a small girl over into the mud and there were tears and tiaras..


But we did have a nice time. Madam’s latest word is ‘appropriate’ as in “That is SO NOT APPROPRIATE”  entirely directed at her brother who was, to be fair, talking fairy incessantly about bums, willys and poo…..


The smallest child looked like this when walking was no longer an option for her. See the ‘I’m so not walking anymore’ expression?

SONY DSC And so big sister helped out. Observe the pained face


So Pops stepped into the breach and that was that on the walking front

SONY DSC It was so nice just to get out of the house without looking like a drowned rat on return. Calm before the next lot of storms I feel……

This weekend it’s party time for the urchins. Superheroes is the theme. Manor is the venue. Multiple small children. I can’t wait….


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